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Live in POLAND(Opore City)

Hidano and Akira Jimbo play " TA・WA・KE"
Composed by Hidano.

Live in POLAND(Opore City)

Hidano and Akira Jimbo play "Michi-kusa"
Composed by Hidano.

Live in Tokyo (Jan. 2006)

Hidano and Masahiro Nitta(SHAMI-SEN) play "Akita-Nikata-bushi"
Arranged by Hidano.

Live in Yokohama (Nov. 2006)

THE ESORAGOTO BAND play "Mari-to Tonosama"
Arranged by Hidano.

Live in YAMAGUCHI-pref. (Dec. 2006)

Hidano and Akira Jimbo play "SWEET MERANGUE"
Composed by Jimbo.

Live in YAMAGUCHI-pref. (Dec. 2006)

Hidano and Akira Jimbo play "SOUND QUARKS"
Composed by Hidano.


Shuichi Hidano has performed more than 2,300 times around the world, with his cutting-edge ideas and flawless facility on TAIKO drums, based on solid Japanese tradition,has discovered and introduced a whole new world of musical possibilities to the world of our own.

Born and raised in Yokohama,Japan. Hidano showed an interest in the piano at the age of three,started taking lessons simultaneously, and then turned to the drums and classical percussion at ten.

By the age of nineteen,he was a trainee of the world-renowned TAIKO group, KODO. However,feeling an urge to challenge his musicality he started his solo career in 1989. Ever since then,he has kept his schedule hectic:leading a few different groups on his own, appearing at numerous number of concerts all over the world, both as a solo act and as a guest artist,and producing various music festivals in Japan.

Also as a session/studio musician,he has learned impeccable reputation world-wide, for his versatility and creativity. In a TAIKO group,called TOKYO DAGEKIDAN, whose first formation Hidano joined in 1995, he not only performed,but also composed many original tunes,serving the position as the brain of the group.
After his withdrawal from the group in 1999,he relocated in Hollywood, U.S.A., teaching at a school of acting for a period of six months. While there, he also held a TAIKO clinic at L.A.Music Academy. Now back on the native soil of Japan,he is still up and ready for new challenges.

Most famously, Hidano performed at the closing ceremonies of the both the 1998 World Cup in France and 2002 World Cup Korea/Japan before live audiences of more than 55,000, and countless millions on TV. The first time a Japanese performer has taken part in consecutive apperances at the FIFA event. In collaboration with Casiopea's drummer Akira Jimbo, "HIDAJIMBO" toured the U.K. participating in London's "Rhythm Sticks" drum festival in 2002. Their performances in the U.K. caused a great sensation, they have started touring the world.
20 years performing and being involved as a solo player in music, he held special TAIKO concerts in Los Angeles in February 2008 and January 2009. Recently, he participated in Stevie Wonder's concert tour in Japan and Korea in 2010.

Hidano has put out four albums under his name, a TAIKO sampling CD* and HIDAJIMBO released "BRIDGE" in 2002. Also, Hidano and Keisuke Doi, a SHAKU-HACHI player, released a Jazz album "TRUST" and live album "TRUST 2 Live at dolphy" in 2006 and 2008. He has published TAIKO Training books and a video for all levels, from aspiring school students to professionals. Also,he has had an uncountable number of TV/radio appearances. Today, Hidano is international endorsed by REMO Taiko Drums,Zildjian Cymbals and Gibraltar Hardware.

*Hidano's 1st album, Taiko sampling CD and training Video are out of stock.

Live (International)

Nov.2015 Toured in Central America(Guatemala,Honduras,Panama,Mexico,El Salvador,Nicaragua)
Sep.2015 Performed in Seoul ”Japan-Korea Friendship 50th Event”
Oct.2014 Toured in Korea(Gwangju) and National Theatre Seoul./font>
Apr.2014 Performed at UNESCO International JAZZ Day 2014 Osaka. Joined《Herbie Hancock All star Band》with Wayne Shorter(sax)、Marcus Miller(B)、Dionne Warwic(vo)、Lalah Hathaway(vo)、John Scofield&Earl Klugh(G)、Sheila E(perc)...
Mar.2014 Toured in Taiwan
Apr.2013 ive in Tokyo with Marty Friedman(G/MEGADETH)
June,2013 Toured in Taiwan.
Mar,2013 Toured in Laos.
Dec,2012 Toured in Taiwan.
Oct,2012 Toured in Africa(Kenya,Rwanda and Uganda)
Sep,2012 Musical Director for Closing ceremony of "FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Japan2012".
Sep,2012 Performed at "Japan-China Friendship 40th Year Event" with Akira Jimbo(Dr.).
Aug,2012 Performed at the opening ceremony of " FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Japan2012".
July,2012 TAIKO Workshop in Taiwan.
July,2012 Performed in Japan with Keiko Matsui(pf).
June,2012 Performed at Yousu World Expo in Korea.
Mar,2012 Toured in China.
Nov,2011 Toured in Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic.
Aug,2011 Toured 2 cities in South Africa.
Mar,2011 Toured 2 cities in L.A.
Aug,2010 Joined Stevie Wonder's band and toured in Japan and Korea.
July,2010 Performed with Andy Narell(steel pan), Issam Houshan(Percussion), at Sacheon International Percussion Festival in Korea.
Jan,2009 Toured 3 cities in L.A. with Chalo Eduardo,Mike Shapiro(from Sergio Mendes).
May,2008 Performed in Japan with Doudou N'Diaye Rose.
April-May,2008 Performed in Senegal with Doudou N'Diaye Rose.
Feb,2008 Performed in L.A. with Jennifer Batten,Hussain Jiffry,Chalo Eduardo,John "JR" Robinson.
Dec,2007 Toured in China with Dou Dou Huang.
Dec,2007 TAIKO workshop in Singapore.
Nov,2007 Performed at "Japan-China Friendship Year Grand Finare Concert 2007" in Beijing,China.
Sep,2007 Musical director for "Japan-China Week in Shanghai".
Sep,2007 Performed in Helsinki, Finland.
Sep,2007 Toured in Europe as "HIDAJIMBO"(France,Italia and Germany).
Nov,2005 Performed at PASIC(Ohio/U.S.A.) 2005 and TAIKO workshop in L.A..
Aug,2005 Toured in East Europe as "HIDAJIMBO"(Hungary, Slovac,Czech and Poland).
Jan,2005 Performed in Singapore as "HIDAJIMBO".
Nov,2004 Singapore Chinese Orchestra invited Hidano as a solo player.
Oct,2004 Musical director for "The 3rd Asian Performing Arts Festival 2004" in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Nov,2003 Toured in Japan with Jennifer Batten.
Nov,2002 Toured in Japan with John "JR" Robinson.
July,2002 Toured in England as "HIDAJIMBO".
June,2002 Performed at the closing ceremony of FIFA soccer World Cup '02 Korea/Japan.
May,2001 Toured in Germany(Bremen,Hamburg,Munich,Regensburg).
July,2000 Musical director for "Japan Day at Hannover Expo"in Germany.
March,2000 Toured in Sudan,Egypt, and Kuwait.
Nov,99-Apr,00 Taught at a school of acting in L.A.
Dec,1998 Toured in France, Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania.
July,1998 Performed at the closing ceremony of "FIFA soccer World Cup '98" France(musical director for the Japanese TAIKO group) .
December,1996 Performed at "THE WTO SHOW '96" in Singapore.
June,1996 Musical director for "Close up of Japan" in Indonesia.
November,1995 Performed on the internet, "MCI Global '95".
October,1994 Perfomed at "The Seoul Sister Cities Folk Music & Dance Festival"in Korea.
October,1993 Toured in Germany and Holland.
Aug.,- Sep., 1992 Toured in Malaysia and Singapore

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